Changes on De Re Palaeographica website

Dear DeRePalaeographica followers, As you may have noticed, this site has changed (and I mean not only snowflakes). With the New Year comes new purposes and mine has been, for several years, to create a site only for my beloved Visigothic script. I know, I have an obsession! Therefore, if you are following because of … Continue reading

‘The Fragments Project’: Poetic Responses to a Slice of Medieval Book History : Quadrivium

‘The Fragments Project’: Poetic Responses to a Slice of Medieval Book History : Quadrivium.   Dr. Deborah Thorpe is currently tutoring at the University of York following a year’s MHRA-funded postdoctoral work on the Digital Index of Middle English Verse. Her doctoral work focused on writing and reading in the medieval circle of Sir John … Continue reading

Manuscript Monday: LJS 266

Bernhard Bischoff on the Study of Medieval Script

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By David Ganz Editorial note – David Ganz is Visiting Professor of Palaeography at the University of Notre Dame and a Research Associate of Darwin College, University of Cambridge. His guest blog summarises a much-overlooked publication by Bernhard Bischoff (d. 1991), the great expert on Caroline script and Carolingian book culture.…

Manuscript Road Trip: The Way to Wyoming

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The Flight into Egypt, Walters Art Museum, MS W.188, f.112r After several weeks of internet sleuthing and after corresponding with a half dozen very helpful curators and faculty members, I can happily report that there are in fact medieval manuscript leaves to be found in two states previously unrepresented in…