Medieval Studies in the Digital Age. Workshop

a forum for medievalists from various disciplines who are interested in the digital humanities November 2014 to May 2015 at the University of Leeds Our aim is to critically discuss the role of digital technologies in the field of medieval studies as well as providing insights into current practices and ways of using digital tools … Continue reading

Workshop on Cursive Handwriting (Lucca-Pisa)

Burocrazia, amministrazione, contabilità e scritture corsive. Morfologia, technique, riflessioni teoriche. Seminario permanente sulla corsività – Séminaire permanent ʻÉcritures cursivesʼ Lucca-Pisa, 23-24 settembre 2014   Come metteva lucidamente in evidenza, già poco dopo la metà del Cinquecento, il calligrafo e trattatista Giovan Francesco Cresci, esiste un nesso preciso tra tecniche dello scrivere e caratteristiche tecnico-formali della corsiva da … Continue reading

Seminar: Understanding the Medieval Book

Seminar: Understanding the Medieval Book   A Seminar with DR. TIMOTHY GRAHAM, Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of New Mexico, and co-author of ‘Introduction to Manuscript Studies. Students, scholars and librarians are invited to enroll  in a seminar on the medieval book, to be held at the University of South Carolina, 7-8 … Continue reading

Selected Manuscript Studies events in SAS and Senate House Library

David N. Dumville (Sixth-century Professor in History, Palaeography and Celtic, University of Aberdeen)   Insular script in context: a 1500-year history of a European cultural phenomenon 1. Origins and background (30th September) 2. The earliest witnesses – from Gaeldom to northern Italy (7th October) 3. Phase I (to A.D. 750) (14th October) 4. Phase II (A.D. … Continue reading

15th Seminar Care and Conservation of Manuscripts

University of Copenhagen, 2nd to the 4th of April 2014.   * Call for papers *   The aim of the seminar is to bring together scholars, conservators, librarians, archivists, curators and others who work in the field of manuscript studies, preservation and conservation.   Papers are invited on subjects relating to the care and … Continue reading