Website “Rediscovering the Manuscripts from Chartres”

New website release “Rediscovering the Manuscripts from Chartres“, an exceptional project that you must know 🙂 [Text distributed through the APILIST – APICES by the authors of the site, Dominique Poirel and Claudia Rabel] The prestigious manuscript collection in the Municipal Library at Chartres was once the historical witness of an entire region and especially … Continue reading

Ink Making Questions

Originally posted on scribescribbling:
FAQs about ink making. I hope that it is informative, useful and helpful to you. In the past month I asked people, “If you were going to take a class on ink making what questions would you want to ask?”  I received a lot of responses but I did not answer…

The Bookie Monster: attack of the creepy crawlies! – Collection Care blog

Have you ever been described as a bookworm? We hope the only bookworms encountered in our reading rooms are of the Studious genus, but did you know that there are a whole host of pesky pests out there hungry for paper? Fires and floods are usually the scenarios we think of when we hear about … Continue reading

Conserving a mould-damaged iron gall ink manuscript – Collection Care blog

Did you know that conservators often wash paper? When paper is badly degraded, and especially when there has been mould damage as with the document below, it often needs to be washed. Washing paper helps to remove acidic degradation products and reforms the hydrogen bonds in the paper structure, making it stronger. Iron gall ink … Continue reading


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I mentioned on Facebook the other day that sometimes I stop and consider the sort of chutzpah it takes to think that I should be mucking around with a 700 year-old book. That thought occurred to me following a session in the bindery working on the bible I have…