Manuscript Monday: LJS 266


Manuscript Road Trip: The Way to Wyoming

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The Flight into Egypt, Walters Art Museum, MS W.188, f.112r After several weeks of internet sleuthing and after corresponding with a half dozen very helpful curators and faculty members, I can happily report that there are in fact medieval manuscript leaves to be found in two states previously unrepresented in…

“Incipit Breviarium de omnibus sanctis”: Un códice Breviario de la Catedral de Lugo (siglo XIII)

See on – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography En el actual Archivo del Capítulo Catedralicio de Lugo (Galicia, España) se conserva un interesante monumento de la civilización medieval hispana. Es un manuscrito que manifiesta todas las características propias de haberse producido en un Scriptorium eclesiástico, probablemente vinculado a esta catedral, con un gran sabor … Continue reading

Life on the Edge: Marginalia

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A couple of public close-up sessions recently have prompted these random musings on marginalia – the text and images that occur in the margins of manuscripts and printed books. Today we don’t encourage students to mark our books in any way, but a whole academic industry…

Early Musical Notation: A Look at the ‘Cantatorium’ of St Gall

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By Jenneka Janzen This week, while playing with the iPhone app for e-codices, the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, I paid an online visit to one of my favourite manuscripts, the Cantatorium of St Gall (Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek Cod. Sang. 359): Pages 24 and 25 of Cod. Sang. 359. (N.B. St…