Texts and Contexts Conference 2014 – Ohio State University

Texts and Contexts, A Manuscript Conference Ohio State University, November 14-15, 2014 [Sponsored by the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies]   Texts and Contextsis an annual conference held on the campus of the Ohio State University devoted to Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, incunables and early printed texts in Latin and the vernacular languages.   … Continue reading

Burn After Reading

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Houses along the River Neckar, near the University of Tuebingen Over the past few days,  I have been at the University of Tuebingen with a lovely group of scholars and students, part of an Anglo-German project on Memory and Power in late antiquity and the early middle ages. The idea behind…

Séminaire d’histoire des bibliothèques anciennes IRHT

Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (CNRS) – Séminaire d’histoire des bibliothèques anciennes Lieu : IRHT-CNRS, 40, avenue d’Iéna 75116 Paris   Programme 2013-2014 De la bibliothèque virtuelle manuscrite à la bibliothèque virtuelle numérique. Aspects et problèmes de la reconstitution des bibliothèques anciennes.   29 novembre 2013 : Laurent Hablot (CESCM Poitiers), Hanno Wijsman (IRHT), Le … Continue reading

Selected Manuscript Studies events in SAS and Senate House Library

David N. Dumville (Sixth-century Professor in History, Palaeography and Celtic, University of Aberdeen)   Insular script in context: a 1500-year history of a European cultural phenomenon 1. Origins and background (30th September) 2. The earliest witnesses – from Gaeldom to northern Italy (7th October) 3. Phase I (to A.D. 750) (14th October) 4. Phase II (A.D. … Continue reading

Medieval Colloquium – online event at Collegium Volatile

Medieval Colloquium: We talk with the Old Masters. * Call for lecturers * Being a Medievalist is so much fun mostly because of the colourful and fascinating personalities you encounter. It´s all about people. Medievals are sophisticated and primitive, their discussions and wars are full of zeal, their problems are fresh and their answers – … Continue reading