Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies @ PIMS

The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, in conjunction with the American Academy in Rome, is proud to offer a new Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies. The deadline for applications is 1 February 2014. The Institute has long enjoyed a reputation for providing the best training possible in those technical fields that made its students uniquely … Continue reading

Seminar: Understanding the Medieval Book

Seminar: Understanding the Medieval Book   A Seminar with DR. TIMOTHY GRAHAM, Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of New Mexico, and co-author of ‘Introduction to Manuscript Studies. Students, scholars and librarians are invited to enroll  in a seminar on the medieval book, to be held at the University of South Carolina, 7-8 … Continue reading

Course: ‘La fabrication du manuscrit médiéval’ [Ecole des chartes]

Cette formation a pour objectif de donner aux responsables de fonds médiévaux des outils pour appréhender la diversité des manuscrits dont ils ont la charge et enrichir leurs connaissances sur la fabrication du livre manuscrit, au travers d’exposés théoriques et d’exemples concrets. Elle sera l’occasion d’aborder les principaux aspects de la fabrication du livre au … Continue reading

Medieval Colloquium – online event at Collegium Volatile

Medieval Colloquium: We talk with the Old Masters. * Call for lecturers * Being a Medievalist is so much fun mostly because of the colourful and fascinating personalities you encounter. It´s all about people. Medievals are sophisticated and primitive, their discussions and wars are full of zeal, their problems are fresh and their answers – … Continue reading

What Do Paleographers Do? | The Getty Iris

See on Scoop.it – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography Paleography is the study of old handwriting. Paleographers are specialists who decipher, localize, date, and edit ancient and medieval texts—those written by hand, before the advent of print—making them available for others to read and understand. Why Paleography Requires Skill and Practice Even though we have … Continue reading