Manuscript Road Trip: The Way to Wyoming

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The Flight into Egypt, Walters Art Museum, MS W.188, f.112r After several weeks of internet sleuthing and after corresponding with a half dozen very helpful curators and faculty members, I can happily report that there are in fact medieval manuscript leaves to be found in two states previously unrepresented in…

“Incipit Breviarium de omnibus sanctis”: Un códice Breviario de la Catedral de Lugo (siglo XIII)

See on – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography En el actual Archivo del Capítulo Catedralicio de Lugo (Galicia, España) se conserva un interesante monumento de la civilización medieval hispana. Es un manuscrito que manifiesta todas las características propias de haberse producido en un Scriptorium eclesiástico, probablemente vinculado a esta catedral, con un gran sabor … Continue reading

A global team is revolutionizing the preservation of ancient manuscripts – Sinai’s St. Catherine’s monastery

See on – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography Michael Toth points at a computer screen filled with what seems to be a jumble of Arabic and Greek letters. To get to this jumble, he has traveled from Washington to an isolated, fortress-like monastery in the middle of the Sinai Desert, home to the oldest … Continue reading

Medieval Libraries vs. Modern Libraries

See on – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography Article Summary for Lecture #3 – Russell Medieval libraries are completely different from modern libraries. Or are they? This is the question Beth M. Russell addresses in her article “Hidden Wisdom and Unseen Treasure: Revisiting Cataloging in Medieval Libraries.” Even though these predecessors lacked the sophistication … Continue reading

Medieval Studies in Canada

See on – Medieval Manuscripts | Medieval Palaeography Here is a list of medieval studies programs available in Canada, province by province See on