Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies @ PIMS

diplomaThe Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, in conjunction with the American Academy in Rome, is proud to offer a new Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies. The deadline for applications is 1 February 2014.

The Institute has long enjoyed a reputation for providing the best training possible in those technical fields that made its students uniquely qualified to pursue original research amongst the manuscript survivals from the medieval period-namely, Palaeography, Diplomatics, Codicology, and Textual Editing. Over the last decade and more, the Institute has transformed itself into a research institution offering fellowships to young post-doctoral students and visiting scholars. But the Institute has now developed a new curriculum that will make training in these technical disciplines available again, and in an expanded fashion, leading to a formal credential in Manuscript Studies.

The programme is open to all qualified applicants who feel they would benefit from it: those just embarking upon their graduate careers who realize that such training would be a valuable precursor to the work they are soon to undertake; those already enrolled in graduate programmes elsewhere who have recognized the need to acquire skills that their own programmes do not provide; those who have already earned their degrees and are in full-time posts but may be looking to enrich themselves. Given that many of these potential applicants will have other obligations during the fall and spring semesters, this new programme in Manuscript Studies is designed to run in the form of intensive summer courses in order to make it accessible to as many candidates as possible.

Please check PIMS website for more information.


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