Canadian Society of Medievalists Annual Meeting

logoMay 24-26, 2014

Brock University, St Catherines, ON

* Call for Papers *

The special theme for this year’s Congress is “Borders without Boundaries”, but papers for the CSM Annual Meeting can address any topic on medieval studies. Proposals for complete sessions are also invited, and two special sessions seeking speakers are advertised below. Papers may be delivered in either English or French, and bilingual sessions are particularly welcome.

Proposals should include a one-page abstract and a one-page curriculum vitae. Papers should be no more than 20 minutes reading time.
Please submit proposals by Wednesday 15 January 2014 to:

Professor John Osborne,
President, CSM
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
Carleton University,
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1S 5B6

Or by E-mail.

Special sessions:
If you are interested in speaking in one of these special sessions, please contact the organizer by the date indicated.

1.    The Long Eighth Century: papers in commemoration of the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne [a joint session sponsored by the Canadian Historical Association and the Canadian Society of Medievalists]
Perhaps more than any other political leader in the Middle Ages, Charlemagne was responsible for fusing Germanic and Latin cultures in the creation of a culturally distinct ‘Europe’.  This session invites papers which look at aspects of western European history in the age of Pippin and Charlemagne, prior to the latter’s death in 814.
Deadline: 18 October 2013  [due to CHA deadline]
Organizer:  John Osborne, Carleton University.

2.    Medieval Studies and New Technologies
Digital technology makes new resources accessible to medievalists, not only permitting the consultation of sources but also the construction of databases which open the doors to new discoveries.  As a result, our approach to the medieval “object” will change, as these tools permit a greater blurring of the boundaries between text and material.  Medieval sources lend themselves well to digital treatment, permitting multiple approaches and removing the constraints imposed by paper, and thus allowing medievalists to reconnect with their sources, whether these are manuscripts or monuments.  The session will comprise a multidisciplinary consideration of the different digital technologies used to study medieval objects and sources.
Deadline:  29 November 2013
Organizer: Loula Abd-elrazak, University of Waterloo.

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