Must-Read Book: Medieval Autograph Manuscripts

61PaAmt1g5L._SL1000_Proceedings of the XVIIth Colloquium of the Comité International de Paléographie Latine, held in Ljubljana, 7-10 September 2010

N. Golob (ed.)

approx. XIV+601 p., 280 b/w ill. + 14 colour ill., 3 b/w tables, 210 x 270 mm, 2013
ISBN: 978-2-503-54916-3
Languages: English, French, German

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Bibliologia (BIB 36) – Brepols

What is an autograph? How is it possible to define it? And how can we distinguish the hand of the writer, scientist, or translator – that is, of the learned person setting down his thoughts – from the hand of a pupil or copyist trained in the same style? Autographs have long been an especially challenging area of research into medieval manuscripts, for the finished product is intimately linked to both the author’s thought and his hand. Many well-known medieval authors had already been accorded scientific representations and became known as a result of these. They were joined by new names, a fact which widens the scope of research in the field of autographs and invites new questions.
The XVIIth Colloquium of the Comité International de Paléographie Latine, which was held in Ljubljana between 7th and 10th September, 2010, was dedicated to autographs. In addition to scientific contributions by established paleographers, historians, literary and art historians, there were also inspiring papers by younger researchers. The colloquium was receptive to the presentation of new methods and processes of research into medieval manuscripts in general. These Proceedings of the XVIIth Colloquium contain 37 scientific papers documented with 239 illustrations as well as with further graphic elements.

Abstracts of the Colloquium:

AUSSEMS, Mark« Escript a Paris par moi, Cristine de Pizan » ?
BEADLE, RichardPalaeography and the Pastons.
BERNHARD, GüntherGottfried von Viterbo und sein Werk ‘Liber universalis’ (Paris, Bibl. nat. Fr., ms. lat. 4894).
BERTELLI, SandroLes manuscrits de la littérature italienne des origines. [Rapport.]
BOŠNJAK, EllenDer Übergang zur Kurrentschrift in süddeutschen Urkundenschriften.
BREATNACH, PádraigContinuity and change: developments in the script and style of some early modern Irish autograph manuscripts.
BRUNETTI, GiuseppinaGli autografi dei letterati italiani. Serie: le Origini e il Trecento. [Rapport.]
CARMASSI, Patrizia« Hoc opus incultus ego lector pneumate fultus… ». Redazione e scrittura di un nuovo modello di lezionario nella diocesi di Halberstadt (s. XII).
CECCHERINI, IreneSozomeno da Pistoia tra littera moderna e littera antiqua.
DE ROBERTIS, TeresaUna mano, tante scritture: problemi di metodo nell’identificazione degli autografi.
DEROLEZ, AlbertCorpus Catalogorum Belgii. Towards the Conclusion of an Editorial Enterprise. [Rapport.]
DOMÍNGUEZ GUERRERO, Mª LuisaThe graphic universe in a colonial city: Cuzco in the 16th century.
DUTSCHKE, Consuelo W.Digital Scriptorium as a Construction Site for Ascertained Manuscripts. [Rapport.]
EISENHUT, HeidiEkkehart IV of St Gall: Composer, Corrector and Glossator of Codex Sangallensis 393.
FRIOLI, DonatellaManuscripts of Gerhoch of Reichersberg.
GALYNINA, IrinaHandschriftliche Überlieferung, Textgeschichte und Rezeption von Augustins Werk Contra Faustum Manichaeum in Deutschland. [Affiche.]
GAMPER, Rudolf & GLASSNER, ChristineHandschriftencensus, an inventory of  German medieval manuscripts: state of the art and perspectives. [Rapport.]
GANZ, DavidThe Copenhagen Solinus and the problems of Carolingian autographs.
GIMENO BLAY, FranciscoAutographes du roi Pierre le Cérémonieux.
GRAMIGNI, TommasoUn catalogo delle iscrizioni medievali in territorio fiorentino: Esempi di scrittura epigrafica nell’area di Firenze tra XI e XIII secolo.
GUMBERT, J. PeterManuscripts of historians.
GUNNLAUGSSON, GuðvarðurEinar Hafliðason – an Icelandic author from the 14th century.
GURRADO, MariaGraphem : les techniques d’analyse d’images au service de la paléographie. [Affiche.]
HAMESSE, JacquelineMatthieu d’Acquasparta et ses autographes: un cas exemplaire de l’époque scolastique.
HAUGEN, Odd EinarThe Medieval Unicode Font Initiative. [Rapport.]
HAVEL, DaliborKatalog der frühmittelalterlichen lateinischen Handschriftenfragmente in Böhmen und Mähren. [Rapport.]
HLEDIKOVÁ, ZdenkaPetrus Zittaviensis.
HOROBIN, SimonOsbern Bokenham: author and scribe?
HOLTZ, LouisFrom master to pupil: from Florus of Lyons to Mannon of Saint-Oyend.
KUJAWINSKI, JakubCorrezioni di copista o correzioni di traduttore? Indizi del carattere autografo del ms. Paris, BNF, fr. 688 [Affiche.]
KAVCIC, NatašaThe charters of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia: cadels and other decorative elements, 1351–1500. [Affiche.]
LONG, MicolThe influence of the epistolography on the spread of autography between the 11th and 12th centuries. [Affiche.]
MADAS , EditDeux manuscrits autographes en langue hongroise de la fin du Moyen Âge. De l’impurum à recopie de l’auteur.
MARCHIARO, MichelangiolaL’esperienza grafica di un umanista fiorentino: Pietro Crinito (1474-1507). [Affiche.]
MURANO, Giovanna Autografi di dotti italiani (sec. XIII-XVI1): tra reliquie e monumenti grafici. Primi risultati della ricerca
NUVOLONI, LauraMen of letters in Renaissance Italy : Bernardo Bembo and Bartolomeo San Vito.
OVERGAAUW, EefComment reconnaître un autographe du Moyen Age?
POSTEC, AmandineProcessus et formes d’écriture d’un maître universitaire: Matthieu d’Aquasparta entre ses autographes et ses copistes.
RODRÍGUEZ DÍAZ, ElenaManuscritos autógrafos en la producción castellana del siglo XV: una aproximación codicológica.
ROLAND, MartinUlrich of Lilienfeld and the “original” Manuscript of his ‘Concordantiae Caritatis’.
SCHMITZ, MaxLe Viridarium de Jean Raynaud. Une encyclopédie inédite du début du XVe siècle. [Affiche.]
SIGNORINI, MaddalenaPetrarch’s ‘tracce’: dates, form, features.
STUTZMANN, DominiqueLe système graphique des écritures médiévales. [Affiche.]
UNFER VERRE, Elisabetta GaiaCarolingian minuscule manuscripts with Cassinese decoration at Montecassino.
VOGELER, GeorgPaleography and Codicology in the Digital Age. [Rapport.]
ZAMPONI, StefanoNovissima palaeographica: ongoing projects and perspectives.


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