A global team is revolutionizing the preservation of ancient manuscripts – Sinai’s St. Catherine’s monastery

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Michael Toth points at a computer screen filled with what seems to be a jumble of Arabic and Greek letters.

To get to this jumble, he has traveled from Washington to an isolated, fortress-like monastery in the middle of the Sinai Desert, home to the oldest continuously operating library on the planet.

He has helped assemble a global team of scientists that arrived with cutting-edge technology at this spot, three hours by taxi from the nearest commercial airport.

The image he has paused to appreciate is one of a steady stream coming from the room next door, where a high-definition camera is focused on one of the monastery’s rare and priceless ancient manuscripts. The manuscript rests in a cradle that looks like a chair tilted back at an angle, but with hydraulic lines and strange lights attached.

Ainoa Castro‘s insight:

En relación con los fondos custodiados en el Monasterio de Santa Catalina del Sinaí, no olvidemos que Bischoff vió en tres de sus manuscritos coincidencias gráficas que le llevaron a postular como origen geográfico de la escritura visigótica el norte de África. Para saber más -> http://bit.ly/15Bfz7d

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