Medieval Colloquium – online event at Collegium Volatile

Medieval Colloquium: We talk with the Old Masters.

* Call for lecturers *

Being a Medievalist is so much fun mostly because of the colourful and fascinating personalities you encounter. It´s all about people. Medievals are sophisticated and primitive, their discussions and wars are full of zeal, their problems are fresh and their answers – surprising.

Let´s begin this new season at Collegium Volatile by meeting some really interesting Old Masters.

Medieval Colloquium is an online event and anyone can join.  Each week we watch a short video lecture given by an expert Medievalist who talks about his or her favourite Medieval personality (a thinker, an artist or a historical protagonist). We also read a short text assigned for that week: a source text related to the person we discuss. The same week we have a live online meeting (using video, voice and typing) to ask questions and share our ideas on the subject. Participants are also invited to share notes and links with each other. All the activities are available only to registered Colloquium participants (they are not publically visible on the web).

We also plan to publish ebook proceedings with all the lectures beautifully edited and illustrated.

If you would like to join the lecturers team – come to the online meeting 25 Sept 2013 at 22.00 CEST time (please find your time here)

Please register for the meeting here. [Type the access code: VERBA VOLANT]

If you are unable to join the meeting but you would like to give a lecture, please contact Emilia Zochowska, Collegium Volatile coordinator.

As a lecturer, you will be asked to:

1. Plan and record one video lecture (ca. 20 min) presenting your Medieval idol/source of inspiration. It may be a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

2. Choose and assign a short reading for the students (source text in translation).

3. Upload the video and the source text to Collegium Volatile webpage.

4. Join the online discussion about your lecture (moderated by another member of the team)

5. Prepare a written version of your lecture (if you want to publish in our ebook proceedings).


This event is for fun – and let´s make it a really bright and learned entertainment. In your lecture, you are welcomed to include many details, lots of illustrations and technical terms. It does not have to be “A short introduction to…” or “Life and works”. You are welcomed to share your passion and expertise with intelligent and enthusiastic public. We hope to make it a great opportunity to improve your professional network and get some fresh perspective on your subject. You will also gain a bit of experience as an online educator.


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