Medieval Libraries vs. Modern Libraries

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Article Summary for Lecture #3 – Russell

Medieval libraries are completely different from modern libraries. Or are they? This is the question Beth M. Russell addresses in her article “Hidden Wisdom and Unseen Treasure: Revisiting Cataloging in Medieval Libraries.” Even though these predecessors lacked the sophistication and standardization of current cataloging practices, Russell illustrates how medieval librarians encountered problems similar to those still faced today.

Russell spends much of the article describing the historical cataloging practices. To begin, she defines catalogs for the purposes of this text as “guides to the content and locations of the books available for use.” Catalogs varied in type, such as inventory or analytic, as well as including indexes, now considered a separate division. These early catalogs served much the same purpose, listing available items located within the library and later providing information about its format and content. Descriptions also might include information regarding location….

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