Centenary of E. A. Lowe’s ‘The Beneventan Script’

The Society for Beneventan Studies is pleased to announce two events to celebrate the centenary of the publication of the E. A. Lowe’s seminal study The Beneventan Script (1914).

  • Lowe and Beyond: New Directions in Research at the Centenary of ‘The Beneventan Script’ (1914-2014)
    Two sessions at the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, at the University of Western Michigan, May 8-11, 2014. The sessions are intended not only to celebrate Lowe’s legacy, but to point to new directions in Beneventan research. Please send paper proposals and any queries to Dr. Andrew Irving by September 15.
    For further information about the conference click here.
  • Texts and Contexts Conference
    At least two sessions within this conference dedicated to research on medieval and renaissance manuscripts held at the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies at Ohio State University, November 14-15, 2014. In addition, Prof. Francis Newton will deliver the Virginia Brown Memorial Lecture, and Dr. Hope Mayo (Houghton Library, Harvard University), will speak on her recent work on E.A. Lowe.
    The formal call for papers will open next spring, and close on August 15, 2014. For information or advance proposals of papers please contact Prof. Frank Coulson, of the Center at Ohio State with whom the Society for Beneventan Studies is coordinating. 

With at least four scholarly sessions, plus keynote addresses, spread between two conferences, and two different times and places, it is hoped that the largest number possible of Beneventan scholars from around the world might be able to participate in either or both of the conferences and so help to chart new directions and new areas of enquiry in our field. This will be a fitting tribute to Lowe’s accomplishment.

Source: APILIST via Dr. Andrew Irving.


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