Making a Medieval Book: Workshops and Classes for the Curious Artisan

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By Jenny Weston

As manuscript researchers, we often study how medieval books were produced. We love to look at the quality of the parchment, how the book was originally bound, the character of the script, and the beautiful decorations. It is difficult not to marvel at the skill and talent of some medieval book-makers.

For some manuscript lovers, it is not enough to simply ‘imagine’ how these books were created. They want to experience the process first-hand—preparing the parchment, sewing the quires, blending the ink, and putting the quill to the page.

For those who would like to step into the realm of medieval book-making, there is a wide variety of upcoming classes and workshops that offer lessons in some of the most popular methods of traditional parchment-making, calligraphy, decoration, and binding. So if you would like to try your hand at some of these techniques, or if you would…

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