A Hybrid Book: Print to Manuscript

Los libros son para usarlos y no para dejarlos limpios en las estanterías. El valor que adquieren con el uso y aporte intelectual del lector puede ser inmensurable y es lo que da vida a los libros. Estos ejemplos son buena prueba de ello!

The Clog

The Clark Library has a number of printed books that are very heavily annotated. They are so heavily annotated, in fact, that the weight of the hand-drawn ink seeps into your eyes as you contemplate the very nature of the object as a printed book or manuscript.

Clark DA30 H61 1680* p.6-7

Here is a two-page spread toward the beginning of one of these hybrid books held by the Clark. Its printed layer is a text by Peter Heylyn, called A Help to English History (London: Thomas Bassett, 1680). This book was meant to aid the reader in learning about kings and queens of England, and the peerage generally, with a focus on heraldry. Books of heraldry were popular in the early modern period and the College of Arms, the body granting heraldic achievements, saw a revival of its own in the late 18th century.

One reader of this particular book took up this text…

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