Scribal Materials and Tools – Sand Myth or Real?

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EDIT November 21, 2017: I receive various contacts regarding this blog post.  I appreciate them.  It seems that there is evidence of various sand materials having been used.  This comment from a reader was very helpful:

“I’d like to follow up on the blog about sand being used to dry ink. You were looking for citations. In the 1565 edition of Daniele Barbaro’s translation and commentary on Vitruvius,he remarks that the stone ammochrysus, made into a powder (i.e., sand) can be used to dry ink. Ammochrysus is a variety of mica (it is gold coloured and flaky).”

I keep this blog post up as I am loath to delete information I’ve provided.  People come back to it and reread it and cite it.  Therefor I am leaving up the post with this added edit at the top.  Hopefully people who return will see that I have updated the information.  This…

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