Scribal Materials and Tools – Sand Myth or Real?

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As a scribe we have a lot of tools and materials that are available to us to help make our art.  Some tools materials are well known such as the pen and ink, some are not so well known such as pergamenata or chalk and some are known but wrongly such as gum sandarac.  Scribal Tools and Materials will be an ongoing series that I will be doing to help my fellow scribes to learn more about what is out there.

Did medieval scribes really use sand to dry the ink?

Myth, But Rooted in Truth.

Who hasn’t read in a fictional book where a character pens something and then sprinkles sand on the ink to help make it dry faster?  I know I certainly have read it many times in various fiction books.  Try it sometime.When we stop and think about it we shouldn’t be surprised by that this…

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