‘Codicology and Palaeography in the Digital Age’ vol. 2 [pdf]

Digital technology changes the way scholars work with manuscripts.

This volume deepens the questions raised by the first volume on palaeography and codicology in the digital age, published a year ago, particularly questions on digitisation and cataloguing, on character recognition and the analysis of script.Moreover, the focus has been widened to include the fields of computer-aided manuscript research in musicology and history of art, as well as to methodologies applied in computational and natural sciences.

Besides Latin, this volume covers also Greek, Glagolitic, Judeo-Arabic and other scripts. The spatio-temporal frame stretches from ancient Egypt of 1800 BC to Paris of the 20th century.

With Contributions by: Pádraig Ó Macháin; Armand Tif; Alison Stones, Ken Sochats; Melissa Terras; Silke Schöttle, Ulrike Mehringer; Marilena Maniaci, Paolo Eleuteri; Ezio Ornato; Toby Burrows; Robert Kummer; Lior Wolf, Nachum Dershowitz, Liza Potikha, Tanya German, Roni Shweka, Yacov Choueka; Daniel Deckers, Leif Glaser; Timothy Stinson; Peter Meinlschmidt, Carmen Kämmerer, Volker Märgner; Peter Stokes; Dominique Stutzmann; Stephen Quirke; Markus Diem, Robert Sablatnig, Melanie Gau, Heinz Miklas; Julia Craig-McFeely; Isabelle Schürch, Martin Rüesch; Carole Dornier, Pierre-Yves Buard; Samantha Saidi, Jean-François Bert, Philippe Artières; Elena Pierazzo, Peter Stokes. Introduction by: Franz Fischer, Patrick Sahle. In Collaboration with: Bernhard Assmann, Malte Rehbein, Patrick Sahle.



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